Carolina Thermascan, LLC, was originally established in 2001 by Dr. Stocks who then sold the company to Dr. Pittman in 2007.   Dr. Stocks continues to read all scans for Carolina Thermascan.  We are located at 4505 Fair Meadow Lane, Suite 111 in Raleigh, NC one block from Rex Hospital.


In 2001, Dr. Stocks purchased a Meditherm Digital Infrared Camera. This low resolution camera is in common use throughout the United States due to low cost and a well-organized marketing team. Dr. Stocks soon realized the shortcomings of this non-sophisticated device and in 2004 upgraded to the highest resolution thermography camera and software available, the Indigo Merlin which uses Thermoteknix software from Great Britain. The Meditherm was able to distinguish temperature differences of 0.1 to 0.25 degrees Celsius, but the Indigo Merlin can distinguish 0.0018 degree Celsius, a 100 fold greater sensitivity. The comparison is like going from an early color TV from the 50’s with the less effective Meditherm to a high definition plasma TV with the Merlin. Carolina Thermascan, LLC has the only Indigo Merlin camera and software system in the Southeast.